Change your address

If you move or if your address changes, you must update your address and contact information with the AFTRA Retirement Plan – even if you’ve already updated your information with SAG-AFTRA (the union), because the AFTRA Retirement Fund is a separate organization from SAG-AFTRA. To update your address, complete a Performer Address Change Form and send it to the AFTRA Retirement Fund by fax at (212) 499-4973 or by mail at the address below:

AFTRA Retirement Fund
Attention: Operations Department
261 Madison Avenue, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10016-2309

Make sure that the completed form includes your new address plus your Social Security No. If your correspondence from the AFTRA Retirement Fund goes to a business manager or agent, complete and submit a Performer Address Change Form to the AFTRA Retirement Fund promptly if your manager or agent changes his or her address – or if you change your manager or agent.