Annual Earnings Statements

Annual Earnings Statements are mailed each year no later than early June. Your Earnings Statement lists all AFTRA-covered earnings for the previous calendar year that were reported to the AFTRA Retirement Plan on your behalf by contributing employers, as well as employer contributions credited on your behalf. 
Verify the information on your Earnings Statement
Review your annual Earnings Statement carefully as soon as you receive it to confirm that it reflects all of the AFTRA-covered work you performed during the previous calendar year and the related earnings. If you believe that there are any discrepancies, or if you did not receive an Earnings Statement but think you had covered employment during the year, notify the AFTRA Retirement Plan by completing and returning a current Earnings Discrepancy Form along with the required documentation. Please refer to the current  Policies for Covered Earnings Inquiries for details and return your documentation and the form to:

AFTRA Retirement Fund
Attention: Operations Department
261 Madison Avenue, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10016-2309

Fax: (212) 499-4973
For additional information about the annual Earnings Statements, view the current list of Earnings Statements FAQs.

Also provided below are links to a Performer Annual Earnings Tracking Sheet which allows you to track your own AFTRA-covered earnings throughout the year to assist you with verifying the information on your annual Earnings Statement. Two different versions are provided - an Adobe .PDF for ease of printing and a Microsoft Excel version, which allows you to insert additional rows and add formulas to calculate the sum of your annual earnings.

Adobe Acrobat PDF icon AFTRA Retirement Fund Earnings Tracking Spreadsheet
MS Excel icon AFTRA Retirement Fund Earnings Tracking Spreadsheet

Lastly, you should be aware that there are several industry organizations that offer performers assistance with the recovery of unpaid royalties. Visit this new page in the Useful resources section of our site for a list and descriptions of these organizations, along with links to the organizations' websites.

Need assistance?
Call the AFTRA Retirement Fund  at (800) 562-4690 to request assistance with reviewing your earnings and contributions or to discuss any missing or incomplete information.

Earnings inquiries
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