Retirement Plan rules

Learn more about the AFTRA Retirement Plan with the following Frequently Asked Questions and answers.

Retirement Plan rules

  • Q. Can I work while receiving pension benefits?

    A. Per provisions of the Retirement Plan, you can’t begin receiving your pension earlier than age 65 unless you are retired, meaning you can’t be under contract or receiving a salary for AFTRA-covered work. There are no work restrictions if you retire at age 65 or later.
  • Q. If I stop doing AFTRA-covered work, can I roll my pension into an IRA?

    A. In most cases, no you cannot roll your pension into an IRA. Only if you are eligible to receive a lump sum benefit from funds in a discontinued Retirement Account may you transfer all or a portion of the lump sum into a traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA).
  • Q. Once I start taking my pension, can I stop?

    A. No. You cannot stop payment of your pension benefit once it begins.  
  • Q. Can my pension payment be directly deposited?

    A. Yes. Simply complete and return the Direct Deposit Agreement Form.
  • Q. Can I borrow against my pension?

    A. No. A loan against your pension is not allowed.
  • Q. Can I roll my IRA into my AFTRA Retirement Plan?

    A. No, this is not allowed. Your pension amount is based solely upon AFTRA-covered employment and earnings.