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2022 Earnings Statements Issued

May 18, 2023, 13:39 PM by sh
Summary: Performers are encouraged to review and verify the accuracy of information on their Earnings Statement upon receiving the statement in the mail.


Full Story:  The AFTRA Retirement Fund mailed 2022 Earnings Statements to all registered performers with verified addresses who had AFTRA-covered earnings reported on their behalf for performance dates in 2022. For registered performers with verified addresses who had AFTRA-covered earnings reported on their behalf for calendar year 2021 – but not for 2022 – a letter indicating that no earnings were reported to the AFTRA Retirement Fund with 2022 performance dates was mailed to their verified address on record.                                                                                                                

If you receive a 2022 Earnings Statement or a letter indicating that no AFTRA-covered earnings were reported and no contributions were received on your behalf, we encourage you to carefully review and verify the accuracy of this information as soon as possible.  You will be able to securely review your recent years’ earnings, submit various forms and inquiries, and much more on the new AFTRA Retirement Fund Portal – coming soon!  Check your mailbox in the next few weeks for details on the release of the new portal.                               

AFTRA-covered earnings affect your vesting status under the AFTRA Retirement Plan.  While the Retirement Fund relies on employers to make required contributions and report timely and accurate information about your earnings, please remember that you are ultimately responsible for verifying the accuracy of any information that is reported – or not reported – on your behalf.

Important note: Do not use your Earnings Statement for pension calculations – request a pension projection from the Fund. This statement is not a benefit statement (hereafter referred to as a pension projection).  You can request a pension projection from the Fund at any time. A pension projection provides only an estimate of your accrued benefit payable at normal retirement age in the normal form of payment and will also advise whether you are vested or when your estimated accrued benefit will become vested. Your actual benefit will be calculated upon your submission of your application to start to receive your pension. To request a pension analysis, visit and click on the “Pension Projection” button under Quick links on the right rail of every page. 

For questions about submitting an earnings inquiry, see our Policies for Covered Earnings Inquiries brochure for helpful information. You can also print an  Earnings Discrepancy Form to report any potential discrepancies or missing earnings. Return the completed form along with the required documentation as instructed on the back of the form. If you have questions about your vesting status or benefits under the Retirement Plan, or to speak with a representative contact Participant Services by calling (800) 562-4690.

For questions about residual payments or questions relating to union dues and union dues calculations, please contact the SAG-AFTRA Union at (855) 724-2387 or view the SAG AFTRA residual portal on their website.